This year’s Chilis are getting some much-needed nutrition information

Chilas are in the news for being underfed and under-served by some of the world’s largest meat processors, and they are also the source of a lot of unappetizing nutrition information.These animals are being fed the wrong food, and a lot is going on behind the scenes.To help you understand what’s going on, we’re going […]

Why the FBI and the National Security Agency are collecting your metadata

Posted May 05, 2018 05:18:06 The FBI and NSA are collecting information about the whereabouts of billions of Americans every day.Now, they’re also doing it for financial gain. According to a new report by The Intercept, the FBI has begun to collect information about customers of financial institutions, including banks and credit unions, by sending a […]

How to make a good, low-cost internet connection

The Irish Telegraph, the country’s largest newspaper, has published a fascinating new story about how a small company has turned a simple internet connection into a thriving business.The company, called Irish-Solutions, has a focus on getting internet service to its rural communities.The company is working with community organisations to get their internet connections working in […]

How to prevent flu symptoms in 2018

What if you don’t want to be sick?This article is for those who need to avoid flu symptoms.Health information management is the process of collecting and analysing information about the health status of your household, to provide a more complete picture of your health.The information collected is used to plan and implement a comprehensive range […]