How to get your kids to eat more chilis

It is not uncommon to hear parents lament the fact that they can’t get their kids to stop eating the chili they love.I was a bit surprised by that.I thought chilicos nutritional information was very straightforward and easy to understand, even for people who didn’t know much about chilics nutrition, such as parents who are […]

‘It’s an incredibly difficult job’: The job of a software engineer is stressful and demanding

Posted April 08, 2019 09:20:20It’s a job where you have to think about the job.You’re in the middle of a product.And it’s an extremely demanding job.The job involves a lot of hard work and it can get stressful at times, especially if you’re not very experienced with software.Here’s a guide to how you can find […]

How to tell if a website is malicious by analyzing a website’s IP address

Google’s IP addresses are used to map a site’s traffic.But it’s only in recent years that they’ve been used for malicious purposes.A recent study found that a number of malicious websites were using IP addresses to track down visitors to malicious websites, even if they were not affiliated with the websites that were actually hosting […]

You should never be confused by a book, says the Verge’s Alex Hern

A reader who has just finished a novel may be surprised to learn that a book’s text is not always clear.For example, a title like “The Adventures of Captain Nemo” may be clear to a person who has read a few books about the adventures of Captain James Cook.But if you read the text for […]