How to change your Facebook profile picture after a terrorist attack

When it comes to personal information, social media platforms are an especially fertile ground for privacy breaches.That’s because social media, in the context of online terrorism, is one of the main platforms for propagating extremist ideology and recruitment.“In some ways it is an easy target,” says Christopher Soghoian, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council […]

How to prevent a data breach by hiding your email address and passwords

In an attempt to help protect against data breaches, you can choose to hide your personal information by choosing to have a password that is unique to you and to use a unique email address.But there are other ways of keeping your email and social media passwords private.To do so, you need to be prepared […]

When should you tell your employer to remove your personal data?

The following infographic is an overview of the data protection principles that apply to personal information collected through the internet and other services and platforms, including the use of personal data in relation to advertising, search, social networking, business applications, and other data protection matters.It highlights the different types of data that can be collected […]