How do I know when to get vaccinated?

You need to be vaccinated if you’re going to live longer and healthier.For starters, you can be vaccinated against both coronavirus and COVID-19.So if you have both, you’re already protected.It doesn’t matter if you live in France or the UK, you’ll be protected if you get the first dose of either.But if you need to […]

When You Have No Idea Where You Are, Here’s How to Find Out

By Jennifer Lebowitz The American dream of a passport is a fantasy that we’re told is all about travel and escaping our past.But, as a society, it is often a necessity for navigating our own identity, and sometimes even our entire lives.It’s easy to forget that for many people, our passports are the only form […]

How to Avoid Being Impersonated by a Police Officer

Police officers can be a threat, and if you are one, it’s better to avoid them altogether.While impersonating a police officer can seem intimidating at first, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself and avoid being mistaken for one.There are ways to minimize your chances of being mistaken as a police […]

How does it work? –

How does a passport tracking system work?You can use the online tool passport tracking information to access your passport information and update your information on your passport.You can also access passport information from your passport application, as well as on the official websites of your passport authority, as a user of your visa or passport […]

Why you should be wary of the security measures used to verify your passport

How to get your passport scanned by the government when you travel article How do you know if you’ve been detected by the US immigration and customs agency?source MTV New (US) title What you need to know about border security when you arrive in the US article Is the US border a more dangerous place […]

How much caffeine are we drinking?

I think caffeine is the most misunderstood ingredient in coffee.What we don’t know is how much caffeine is actually in our coffee.A new study by researchers at the University of Southern California and University of Florida shows that we drink more than we think we do.The study found that coffee drinkers drink up to 20% […]

How to avoid visa delays for Canadian expats

A passport application is supposed to be a process that should take just under two months, with a final stamp on it.That’s exactly the time that the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada says expats in Canada have to wait.The board says the delays have resulted in a record number of applications being denied.The number […]