Why you need informed consent for your healthcare information system

I’ve been on the receiving end of more healthcare information than anyone in my life, and it’s never been more important.But it’s not easy to get informed consent, even if you’re a doctor or a nurse. “It’s been a long time coming,” said Dr. James C. Matson, president and chief executive of the American College of […]

The new ARID app that uses your phone to help you learn the latest news

Hacker News article The ARID (Association for Research in Neural Networks) is a new information management system designed to provide the information you need for the new augmented reality (AR) apps that will be released by Google this summer.The system works on a simple but powerful API that can easily be implemented by any application […]

How a computer network’s ‘symmetric’ information can be combined to help with disaster planning

An advanced computer network is not the same as a network that contains only one or two nodes.But the concept is gaining traction among disaster planners and engineers as an efficient way to manage information that is more complex and needs to be shared with many different users.