How to get the chilita nutrition information

CHILITAS LESSON: The chilitas nutrition information section of the website is broken up into five main sections.The first is the “what to eat” section, which is a listing of the ingredients in chilitas most important ingredients.The next is the nutritional info, which shows how much calories and carbohydrates a chilito needs and what to eat […]

How to get more informed consent: the key questions to ask

The best way to protect yourself from false information is to ask yourself these questions before and after the event, a report has found.The Australian Consumer Law Reform Commission has released a report which warns people can be deceived about what they are buying, where they can buy it and who they are purchasing it […]

Why Canadians should care about the future of online voting

The Globe and Mail, The Huffington Post and others are bringing to the forefront the issue of online voter registration and voter ID laws.The online voting issue has been an ongoing debate in Canada, and this article is a reminder that Canadians are concerned about the impact of online registration and the impact that these […]