Why we shouldn’t be afraid of the future of our children

The first question we ask ourselves is, why?The answer is often quite simple.Our children and their future depend on it.But as the world evolves and new technologies and services emerge, the question becomes far more nuanced.When it comes to the future, we may not be able to predict the way it will unfold, but we […]

How to tell if you are in the presence of informed consent psychology: the case for self-awareness

The word “informed consent” is a relatively new one, in that its origins are more than a century old. The term first appeared in a 1955 book by the British philosopher of science and technology Arthur Schopenhauer, and its origins as a way to explain why people tend to be suspicious of their own actions. But the […]

How informed consent is being abandoned in practice

The future of informed consent psychology is being debated by academics and practitioners, who argue that ethical standards have not kept pace with technological advances and that more needs to be done to make informed consent available to the public.The research is based on an extensive survey of 2,200 Australians aged between 18 and 49.It […]

How to get more informed consent: the key questions to ask

The best way to protect yourself from false information is to ask yourself these questions before and after the event, a report has found.The Australian Consumer Law Reform Commission has released a report which warns people can be deceived about what they are buying, where they can buy it and who they are purchasing it […]

When information is used to destroy privacy: A primer

Posted October 06, 2018 07:50:38A lot of people seem to believe that privacy is a thing that must be protected.This is the same mindset that is currently driving many decisions in this country regarding data collection and how we use it.A lot more is needed, I think, if we are to see the kind of […]