Netflix to create its own news platform for ‘The Simpsons’ – Bloomberg

BY MARK BINNSTEIN / ReutersNetflix, the online video-streaming company that owns the show “The Simpsons,” is about to launch its own video-editing platform that would bring it closer to the digital content juggernaut Inc. The announcement comes amid a wave of consolidation by video-industry giants, as well as a slew of competitors in the […]

How to get your phone to say ‘I’m on Skype’ without using a headset

I use my phone to record my Skype conversations.Now I need to convince Skype to change its default voice recognition algorithm to something more human-like.The Skype default voice mode is “native,” which means it will mimic human speech.That means you can use your phone as a normal voice recorder.You can also record yourself saying things […]

How to get rid of the ‘informative’ and ‘inconvenient’ emails in your inbox

An email, or series of emails, can be a great way to get to know someone, but often it’s more useful to use a tool like Google’s Inbox app to collect the data that is useful for you and other people.In this article, we’ll show you how to find and delete the information that is […]