‘The Internet of Things’: Google, Facebook, Apple announce collaboration on internet of things software

Mashable article Google, the world’s most powerful technology company, is announcing an open collaboration with Facebook and Apple on software to enable the internet of objects to communicate and communicate data with each other.In a blog post on Tuesday, Google announced a new initiative that would enable data to flow between devices and devices to […]

What if a government agency could create a botnet of your email?

It would be a boon for companies and individuals trying to keep their data safe, but it also would potentially open up new avenues for government to spy on innocent people.For example, the botnet could be used to target individuals, and the government could use the information to target other people with the aim of […]

Google’s search engine has a bad habit of displaying the wrong information

Google’s Search Engine (SES) has a history of creating misleading, inaccurate, and incorrect information for users of its products.According to Google, this is due to a “history of making the search engine appear different from other search engines” and that it is “making users pay for it.”Google has admitted to this problem and has even […]