Azure: New features and services are coming to cloud service

azure services, a suite of cloud services, is coming to Azure cloud, said the Azure team today.Azure is a company founded in 2015 and headquartered in San Francisco, California.It has since expanded into other cloud services including Office 365 and SharePoint.The company said it plans to deliver a wide range of Azure services over the […]

How to get a job at a high school in Spain

A Spanish teacher is currently the highest-paid teacher in Spain.The top salary for a teacher in Catalonia is €1,300, while the top salary in Madrid is €2,400.In Barcelona, a teacher is paid €1.35 million.In Madrid, a Spanish teacher makes €2.9 million. The teacher who got the most work from a single advertisement in the most popular […]

When Chipotle and Twitter go head to head over data breach

Chipotle announced Monday it has been hacked.This story is breaking and will be updated.Read more:Chipotle and Google are facing legal problems in a case brought by a federal judge over a data breach involving the company’s food ordering system.The lawsuit alleges the breach of a database in which consumers could access food information was widespread […]