Health data from Medicare is too expensive, experts say

Health data and other data that Medicare collects from beneficiaries are not as reliable as they should be, according to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).In an annual survey, AARP found that about 75% of the data it analyzed was either incorrect or outdated.This was more than double the rate of errors in Medicare […]

Netflix to create its own news platform for ‘The Simpsons’ – Bloomberg

BY MARK BINNSTEIN / ReutersNetflix, the online video-streaming company that owns the show “The Simpsons,” is about to launch its own video-editing platform that would bring it closer to the digital content juggernaut Inc. The announcement comes amid a wave of consolidation by video-industry giants, as well as a slew of competitors in the […]

Washington Post editor says she’ll resign, but will leave novella in the works

The Washington News and World Report, the magazine that publishes The Washington Times, will no longer have an editor named Jill Abramson, the paper said Thursday.for many years, and look forward to her continued leadership of the publication.” “We thank Jill Abramsey for her contributions to The News & W.&P.for many years, and look forward […]