Information assurance for new employee at a small Texas company

A worker at a Texas tech company is facing charges after authorities say she was given an inaccurate information form about a workplace health-care benefit she was asked to fill out.Tessie Knepper, 33, was arrested Monday after the Department of Health Services said she was falsely told she could access a health-insurance subsidy program through […]

How to apply for the benefit payment for broccoli in 2017-18 Next Big future

The Government will not be making any more cash payments to the broccoli industry.The broccoli industry has been hit by the carbon price since the carbon levy took effect on January 1st.The government’s policy has been to take money out of the industry for a number of years and make the cash payments, but the […]

When will US government stop using ‘information on the web’ to prosecute hackers?

US government agencies have been using information from the internet to prosecute hacking suspects, but it appears to be losing the fight to crack the cybercriminals’ encryption keys.The US Justice Department has been using a computer network it purchased in 2016 to collect information on hundreds of thousands of Americans who were accused of stealing […]

How a digital health information exchange could protect Australians

More than 90 per cent of Australians agree that health information should be made available to the public, according to a new survey of Australians.AAP/ABC News 13 Australia’s electronic health records system is designed to help healthcare professionals make sense of the latest information, such as medical diagnoses, test results, symptoms, treatment and treatment options, […]

How to avoid falling into the nutjobs trap

By Sarah SmithA common tactic for those on the receiving end of a bad news email is to read it over and over again, looking for signs that it may be a hoax.But the latest example came from a UK-based online news agency, which has been caught out by a particularly damaging hoax.A man calling […]

What you need to know about unemployment data

The unemployment rate is one of the most important measures used by economists to estimate the impact of a specific event on a given economy.While there are different methods of calculating unemployment, the official unemployment rate, or EI, has been used in a number of countries for a long time.But while there are some common […]

How to manage your information on social media

With a lot of information now online, it’s no surprise you’ll want to manage it.And with so much information, it can be difficult to find a way to filter out the noise and keep everything in perspective.To help you do just that, we’ve put together a quick guide to managing your social media account information.For […]

Why Canadians should care about the future of online voting

The Globe and Mail, The Huffington Post and others are bringing to the forefront the issue of online voter registration and voter ID laws.The online voting issue has been an ongoing debate in Canada, and this article is a reminder that Canadians are concerned about the impact of online registration and the impact that these […]