How to use Amazon Alexa voice commands to play games on the Amazon Echo

Posted November 15, 2018 07:24:17I was a bit disappointed that the Echo’s Alexa voice command feature wasn’t available to play a bunch of games, especially since there’s no way to control the console’s controller via a smartphone or tablet.But Amazon is now launching a feature called “just informed” which allows Alexa users to set up […]

How to use the Fox News Tourist Information Center to learn about tourism in Japan

Visitors can use the information center to learn more about Japanese tourist attractions, the information available on Japanese sites, and other information about the country.The information center is also a great way to learn Japanese language and culture.Fox News provides the following resources for visitors to learn:The information center has a wide range of information […]

When information is used to destroy privacy: A primer

Posted October 06, 2018 07:50:38A lot of people seem to believe that privacy is a thing that must be protected.This is the same mindset that is currently driving many decisions in this country regarding data collection and how we use it.A lot more is needed, I think, if we are to see the kind of […]