How to find out what’s happening in your local prison

Updated April 20, 2019 10:35:12The inmates in the Los Angeles County Jail have a lot to worry about, including:1.When the next inmate is released, who will be released to them?The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department says inmates will be able to pick up the phone and call the new jail on their own.But what about someone […]

When are you going to have a proper informal sanctions policy?

When are we going to see a formal policy?In my view, the answer is probably never.If there is ever to be any real sanctions against Iran, the only people that are going to be willing to do it are the Iranians themselves, and there are very few of them.And, as I see it, that’s going […]

Why we shouldn’t be afraid of the future of our children

The first question we ask ourselves is, why?The answer is often quite simple.Our children and their future depend on it.But as the world evolves and new technologies and services emerge, the question becomes far more nuanced.When it comes to the future, we may not be able to predict the way it will unfold, but we […]

In a year of big news, how are the health-care industry’s health information exchanges doing?

In a decade, the United States has witnessed an explosion in the number of new health care-related applications.But a new report finds that the process of acquiring and sharing information about patients’ health remains a major challenge.“As we enter the second half of the century, we are witnessing a significant change in how health information […]