Why you need informed consent for your healthcare information system

I’ve been on the receiving end of more healthcare information than anyone in my life, and it’s never been more important.But it’s not easy to get informed consent, even if you’re a doctor or a nurse. “It’s been a long time coming,” said Dr. James C. Matson, president and chief executive of the American College of […]

Google’s search engine has a bad habit of displaying the wrong information

Google’s Search Engine (SES) has a history of creating misleading, inaccurate, and incorrect information for users of its products.According to Google, this is due to a “history of making the search engine appear different from other search engines” and that it is “making users pay for it.”Google has admitted to this problem and has even […]

Which NBA player has a hidden video game addiction?

The NBA is in the midst of a scandal surrounding a hidden gaming addiction.Former Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant and two of his teammates are accused of making up the story of a mysterious online video game they said they were playing when they were arrested in July.The NBA suspended Bryant for one game […]