How to deal with an informer2020: Do your research and find out the truth before you do anything?

An intelligence officer who worked on the Clinton White House’s “dossier” against Donald Trump accused the former president of “informing” her about the allegations in the dossier in a conversation that allegedly took place in early January of this year.The revelation, which the Intercept first reported on Friday, came as the White House said it […]

Which of these things do you have a hard time with?

On one hand, you might not want to admit it, but you’re not that much better off than your family.You’re living in a city where the median income is $55,000, and the median housing prices are $4,800 a square foot.You have to work long hours, are on disability, and can’t afford the cost of college.And […]

How to find information bias: What you need to know about the threat

India has issued a circular to all schools asking them to remove “misleading, discriminatory or offensive” material from classrooms and other spaces.The circular, issued on Tuesday, asks schools to keep records of the material and inform parents if there is any objectionable material.The government said it would monitor the response and take necessary action.The ministry […]