How to use the Fox News Tourist Information Center to learn about tourism in Japan

Visitors can use the information center to learn more about Japanese tourist attractions, the information available on Japanese sites, and other information about the country.The information center is also a great way to learn Japanese language and culture.Fox News provides the following resources for visitors to learn:The information center has a wide range of information […]

When You Have No Idea Where You Are, Here’s How to Find Out

By Jennifer Lebowitz The American dream of a passport is a fantasy that we’re told is all about travel and escaping our past.But, as a society, it is often a necessity for navigating our own identity, and sometimes even our entire lives.It’s easy to forget that for many people, our passports are the only form […]

A new way to learn how to use Wikipedia

A new tool that looks at how much knowledge a Wikipedia reader has is coming out in the form of a new online survey.The new tool, called Wikipedia Knowledge, has been launched by the Wikimedia Foundation and aims to bring together Wikipedia contributors who have worked on Wikipedia since the site was founded in 1998.Wikipedia […]

Which of these things do you have a hard time with?

On one hand, you might not want to admit it, but you’re not that much better off than your family.You’re living in a city where the median income is $55,000, and the median housing prices are $4,800 a square foot.You have to work long hours, are on disability, and can’t afford the cost of college.And […]