How a digital health information exchange could protect Australians

More than 90 per cent of Australians agree that health information should be made available to the public, according to a new survey of Australians.AAP/ABC News 13 Australia’s electronic health records system is designed to help healthcare professionals make sense of the latest information, such as medical diagnoses, test results, symptoms, treatment and treatment options, […]

UK’s biggest IT outsourcing company will cut more than 3,000 jobs by 2020 as part of its shake-up

The biggest IT company in the UK has been ordered to cut 3,500 jobs by the government as part the Government’s shake-down of the IT industry.Siemens has been under pressure from customers to make cuts, following the Government announcement that it will allow it to sell off its IT business.However, Siemens CEO Tom Verster has […]

How to identify if your restaurant has a fake menu

You’ve heard about the fake menu, the fake soda, the counterfeit food.Now, what if you find it on the counter or inside your restaurant?Well, what you don’t know is how you can get in touch with the real deal.That’s the purpose of this article.For example, a fake soda is likely to be filled with artificial […]