When Chipotle and Twitter go head to head over data breach

Chipotle announced Monday it has been hacked.This story is breaking and will be updated.Read more:Chipotle and Google are facing legal problems in a case brought by a federal judge over a data breach involving the company’s food ordering system.The lawsuit alleges the breach of a database in which consumers could access food information was widespread […]

When the CDC says the vaccines are safe, what they really mean is that they are safe for me

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Thursday it was recommending that the nation’s more than 40 million adults get the two doses of the vaccine for people who have been vaccinated, after the government’s own review found that some strains of the coronavirus had the potential to cause serious health problems.The recommendation, […]

How to prevent a data breach by hiding your email address and passwords

In an attempt to help protect against data breaches, you can choose to hide your personal information by choosing to have a password that is unique to you and to use a unique email address.But there are other ways of keeping your email and social media passwords private.To do so, you need to be prepared […]