How to handle personal information from health information systems

Newsweek article What is information?In information management (IM), a data system that stores and manages information, information can have an impact on our lives.This is a term used to describe information that can be used to enhance or correct a person’s experience, whether it be in the form of an insurance policy, a shopping experience, […]

‘Not your typical ‘Google for India’ delivery’: Why is ‘Google India’ not your typical delivery option?

India’s search giant has just announced it is going to start using the “Google for Indian” delivery service.But, in an effort to differentiate the service from its traditional delivery, Google India has set a number of new features for its new product.India’s prime minister Narendra Modi announced the move to make Google India’s own delivery […]

Which Companies Are Making Employees More Productive?

Health information management (HIM) software is the latest in a long line of health information products that are becoming increasingly popular among businesses.But they are often considered to be an alternative to centralized health care systems that require employees to go through lengthy patient records to get the information they need.That may not be true […]

How do I control the data that gets in my inbox?

A new survey from the nonprofit advocacy group Center for Responsive Politics suggests the majority of Americans have no idea what data is in their email inboxes, and most do not even know how to configure them.“Americans are very frustrated by the lack of data security,” says the report, released today.“They’re just not aware that […]

How to prevent flu symptoms in 2018

What if you don’t want to be sick?This article is for those who need to avoid flu symptoms.Health information management is the process of collecting and analysing information about the health status of your household, to provide a more complete picture of your health.The information collected is used to plan and implement a comprehensive range […]