How to find your nearest Starbucks store, on Google Maps

If you’ve ever wanted to find a Starbucks in your local area, you’ve probably been forced to use a map app.Now Google has added a map tool to the service, and you can now find your local Starbucks near you.The feature comes in handy for the search results page, which is used by many users […]

When will the federal government pay out billions of dollars in benefits to workers who have lost their jobs due to climate change?

The federal government will soon begin paying out billions in tax breaks for businesses and workers who are at least partly responsible for the climate change that is ravaging the planet.The government has agreed to pay out at least $9.8 billion over the next three years in benefits for workers who lost their job due […]

Which is better for tax information processing?

The Tax Information Processing Model is a tool that identifies and sorts tax information into a variety of ways based on its type, amount, date and time.It has been around since 2003 and can be used to identify, classify and filter tax information in a variety, depending on its context.Its main goal is to help […]