‘It’s the same old story’: Chipotle has to work to fix health problems

Chipotle Mexican Grill announced plans to sell all its shares, and to stop offering free burritos in the U.S. to people over age 50.The announcement comes amid heightened concerns about Chipotle’s health, which has been on the rise over the past year.Chipotle announced the decision in a statement on Tuesday, citing a recent study that […]

Genetic information in Spanish: What is it, and how can I use it?

Genes are a set of instructions that are used to control the activity of specific genes.When they are passed from parent to child, genes are passed on from mother to child.The more genes in a person’s genome, the more genes they will inherit.However, the genome contains information about all the genes, not just those in […]

A genetic information privacy bill is a ‘biggie’ for states and cities, say privacy experts

The Genetic Information Nondisclosure Act (GINA) of 2014 would make it illegal for anyone in a state or local government to disclose the genetic information of any person unless the disclosure is necessary to protect the health, safety, or welfare of another person, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL).The bill has not […]

When will the federal government pay out billions of dollars in benefits to workers who have lost their jobs due to climate change?

The federal government will soon begin paying out billions in tax breaks for businesses and workers who are at least partly responsible for the climate change that is ravaging the planet.The government has agreed to pay out at least $9.8 billion over the next three years in benefits for workers who lost their job due […]

Experts recommend avoiding Hurricane Florence and other major storms

Experts are warning against the possible effects of a major hurricane and other natural disasters on Americans in the coming months.They point to studies that suggest the risk of severe damage to public buildings, roads and bridges is extremely high and the impact on public health is high.The American Society of Civil Engineers says that […]