How do I know when to get vaccinated?

You need to be vaccinated if you’re going to live longer and healthier.For starters, you can be vaccinated against both coronavirus and COVID-19.So if you have both, you’re already protected.It doesn’t matter if you live in France or the UK, you’ll be protected if you get the first dose of either.But if you need to […]

How to protect your health with the latest Covid Vaccine information

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal published the results of a new study that showed how people can protect themselves from COVID-19 and how they can get the vaccine.The article also noted that the study showed that people in the United States are much more likely to get vaccinated when compared to other […]

When the CDC says the vaccines are safe, what they really mean is that they are safe for me

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Thursday it was recommending that the nation’s more than 40 million adults get the two doses of the vaccine for people who have been vaccinated, after the government’s own review found that some strains of the coronavirus had the potential to cause serious health problems.The recommendation, […]