A ban on bananas is bad for you

An Australian federal government decision to ban the sale of bananas in supermarkets could have significant ramifications for the food industry, including the impact on the health of the banana industry.In the wake of the federal government’s decision to phase out the importation of bananas from Australia, a number of states, and even some federal […]

How to share your nutrition info in a video

The basics: Video is an interactive way to share information and share recipes and nutrition info.Here are some ways to use video to share and share your info: Share the recipe You can share your recipe in a post, video, or blog.You can also use a recipe or recipe link to share the recipe.Link to […]

Apple’s new $2,399 iPhone 5 is the best phone ever for the money

If you want a new iPhone with an edge, Apple has you covered.This year, the company’s latest flagship phone has been priced from $2.399 to $2 of the new $499 iPhone 5.That’s a hefty difference for the entry-level model, and it means that, with a little work, you can get a new phone for less […]

Why you should always check the nutrition information for the foods you buy

You might be able to tell a lot about what food you’re eating by its nutritional information.But if you’re shopping for something you know isn’t healthy, you can get stuck on the wrong one.And you might not be able tell from looking at the nutrition label.Here are three ways to make sure you’re getting the […]