How to tell if a hospital has ‘informed consent’ when it comes to an experimental treatment

VA Medical Center officials have admitted that they had not properly notified patients when a procedure called in-vitro fertilization was performed on them.According to a new report from The Associated Press, VA Medical Centers in Virginia and Georgia did not inform patients when the procedure was performed.The report, which was published Sunday, details how a […]

How to Know When You’re about to See a Bigger Show Than You Thought

In a way, the world of big shows is the opposite of what we usually think of when we think of big-ticket entertainment: big, dramatic events, the kind of events that can attract millions and millions of people, and with more than a dozen different languages spoken by audiences, there’s no way of knowing if […]

What you need to know about the NSA’s dragnet collection of data on American citizens

The NSA’s massive surveillance programs are now collecting data on millions of Americans, and the agency says that the program is legal and justified.As Ars Technic reports, the information gathered by the NSA is part of the agency’s global intelligence effort.The NSA is also using the data to conduct targeted surveillance of U.S. citizens overseas.Ars […]

Florida attorney general files lawsuit against ‘pandering’ tweets

A Florida attorney who sued the Associated Press over its coverage of his office’s investigation into President Donald Trump’s election bid said on Friday he plans to file a lawsuit against the media company.Mark Ciancio, a Republican, filed the lawsuit on behalf of the Florida Bar Association on Thursday and said in a statement the […]

What is the difference between “computer information technology” and “IP information technology”?

On Tuesday, a federal judge denied a request from the Department of Justice to force the company, Symantec, to turn over information about the software it has installed on computers running Windows, including what kinds of security vulnerabilities exist.The company has argued that the orders are an overreach by the government, and that the FBI […]

If you have an avocado nutritional information system, now you can save money on it by ordering the cheapest version.

source BusinessInsider title This avocado nutritional info system is for your benefit, but it might also save you money in the long run.article title If your avocado nutritional data system is out of date, or your information is outdated, it could cost you money. article

Washington Post editor says she’ll resign, but will leave novella in the works

The Washington News and World Report, the magazine that publishes The Washington Times, will no longer have an editor named Jill Abramson, the paper said Thursday.for many years, and look forward to her continued leadership of the publication.” “We thank Jill Abramsey for her contributions to The News & W.&P.for many years, and look forward […]