How a computer network’s ‘symmetric’ information can be combined to help with disaster planning

An advanced computer network is not the same as a network that contains only one or two nodes.But the concept is gaining traction among disaster planners and engineers as an efficient way to manage information that is more complex and needs to be shared with many different users.

How to know if you’re a victim of domestic violence in Virginia case information

A Virginia woman is fighting for her life after her ex-husband allegedly choked her to death with a metal chain and threw her to the ground, police said Thursday.According to a criminal complaint obtained by WAVY, Samantha B. White, 43, of Norfolk, Virginia, died after her husband, Brandon R. White Jr., 43, allegedly choked and […]

Facebook posts video for a friend’s post, but it’s not actually being shared

Facebook has started posting videos for friend’s posts on its Messenger app, in a move that users have described as creepy.Users have complained that videos posted by the social media platform appear to be being shared by Facebook friends, which Facebook denies.In the past, Facebook has only posted videos to friends, not for themselves.In a […]

How to get more informed consent: the key questions to ask

The best way to protect yourself from false information is to ask yourself these questions before and after the event, a report has found.The Australian Consumer Law Reform Commission has released a report which warns people can be deceived about what they are buying, where they can buy it and who they are purchasing it […]

Which NBA player has a hidden video game addiction?

The NBA is in the midst of a scandal surrounding a hidden gaming addiction.Former Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant and two of his teammates are accused of making up the story of a mysterious online video game they said they were playing when they were arrested in July.The NBA suspended Bryant for one game […]

When the Sheriff’s Department Is Being Criticized for Being “Progressive” on Prison-to-Prison Transfers

In the aftermath of the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, the Sheriff of Orange County, and other local officials have been criticized for their opposition to the transfer of inmates to private prisons.Many are now calling on Orange County to do away with its reliance on private prisons altogether.The Sheriff’s Office has been criticized on […]

NFL tracking information tech specialist is on the move

TECHNICIAN is on his way out of the NFL.The Pittsburgh Steelers announced on Wednesday that they have hired Mark Hays, who spent nine years at the Philadelphia Eagles as their information technology department chief.Hays was the only full-time employee at the team in the offseason, but the team said he would still be on staff […]