Which Companies Are Making Employees More Productive?

Health information management (HIM) software is the latest in a long line of health information products that are becoming increasingly popular among businesses.But they are often considered to be an alternative to centralized health care systems that require employees to go through lengthy patient records to get the information they need.That may not be true […]

The new ARID app that uses your phone to help you learn the latest news

Hacker News article The ARID (Association for Research in Neural Networks) is a new information management system designed to provide the information you need for the new augmented reality (AR) apps that will be released by Google this summer.The system works on a simple but powerful API that can easily be implemented by any application […]

UK’s biggest IT outsourcing company will cut more than 3,000 jobs by 2020 as part of its shake-up

The biggest IT company in the UK has been ordered to cut 3,500 jobs by the government as part the Government’s shake-down of the IT industry.Siemens has been under pressure from customers to make cuts, following the Government announcement that it will allow it to sell off its IT business.However, Siemens CEO Tom Verster has […]

How to deal with a leak

When an information security researcher goes public with a security vulnerability in an enterprise product, there is a high chance that the researcher will get caught.However, the risk of being hacked is also high.That’s because the most commonly exploited security vulnerabilities can also be used to steal your credentials.So if a security researcher gets caught, […]

What you need to know about unemployment data

The unemployment rate is one of the most important measures used by economists to estimate the impact of a specific event on a given economy.While there are different methods of calculating unemployment, the official unemployment rate, or EI, has been used in a number of countries for a long time.But while there are some common […]

UK police to ask for more snowfall information

Police in the UK are asking for more information on snowfall after more than one million tonnes of snow fell in the north-west on Wednesday.The Metropolitan Police said in a statement on Twitter that officers were asking for “more details on the snowfall, including any impacts on local infrastructure”.The Met Police said the information would […]

The ‘Star Wars’ franchise is the most lucrative on the planet

The Disney-owned entertainment conglomerate is a global phenomenon.And, as the Disney-branded characters and brands spread worldwide, so does the company’s financial success.As a result, the company is one of the most financially successful in the world.The company has generated revenues of $8.8 billion in fiscal year 2018, which included the release of the new Star […]

Netflix to create its own news platform for ‘The Simpsons’ – Bloomberg

BY MARK BINNSTEIN / ReutersNetflix, the online video-streaming company that owns the show “The Simpsons,” is about to launch its own video-editing platform that would bring it closer to the digital content juggernaut Amazon.com Inc. The announcement comes amid a wave of consolidation by video-industry giants, as well as a slew of competitors in the […]