How to use the latest in biographical information and information age in your life

Business Insider has partnered with Biographical Information Services (BIAS) to offer a complete collection of biographical data on all of the people in your social media networks.The data will help you identify the people you follow, what you like, and which topics interest you.The service is free, and you can sign up for a one-month […]

How to make a $500 deposit to a cryptocurrency exchange

The process of using a cryptocurrency for an anonymous, secure and reliable means of payment has come a long way in the past few years.But the process is still not as smooth as it used to be.One of the biggest challenges with using cryptocurrencies for payment is that there is no official clearinghouse of crypto […]

What do the USPS’s ‘insider’ and ‘social security’ notices say?

This story first appeared on MTV News.The Federal Trade Commission is seeking information from the USPS about what information it collects about customers’ social security numbers, if any, and what it does with it, the agency’s complaint said.The FTC says the USPS doesn’t collect or use this information.It’s also asking the agency to stop collecting […]

‘The Internet of Things’: Google, Facebook, Apple announce collaboration on internet of things software

Mashable article Google, the world’s most powerful technology company, is announcing an open collaboration with Facebook and Apple on software to enable the internet of objects to communicate and communicate data with each other.In a blog post on Tuesday, Google announced a new initiative that would enable data to flow between devices and devices to […]

Why we shouldn’t be afraid of the future of our children

The first question we ask ourselves is, why?The answer is often quite simple.Our children and their future depend on it.But as the world evolves and new technologies and services emerge, the question becomes far more nuanced.When it comes to the future, we may not be able to predict the way it will unfold, but we […]

It’s a ‘witch hunt’ to investigate a claim that Amazon’s Alexa bot has been targeting people

The New York Times reports that Amazon has been investigating a claim from a former employee that Amazon was using Alexa’s personal information to target people with negative reviews.Alexa has been accused of using the data to track users and push negative reviews, and the company says it is working to “stop this activity.”Amazon has […]

When You Have No Idea Where You Are, Here’s How to Find Out

By Jennifer Lebowitz The American dream of a passport is a fantasy that we’re told is all about travel and escaping our past.But, as a society, it is often a necessity for navigating our own identity, and sometimes even our entire lives.It’s easy to forget that for many people, our passports are the only form […]

‘Not your typical ‘Google for India’ delivery’: Why is ‘Google India’ not your typical delivery option?

India’s search giant has just announced it is going to start using the “Google for Indian” delivery service.But, in an effort to differentiate the service from its traditional delivery, Google India has set a number of new features for its new product.India’s prime minister Narendra Modi announced the move to make Google India’s own delivery […]

‘It’s an incredibly difficult job’: The job of a software engineer is stressful and demanding

Posted April 08, 2019 09:20:20It’s a job where you have to think about the job.You’re in the middle of a product.And it’s an extremely demanding job.The job involves a lot of hard work and it can get stressful at times, especially if you’re not very experienced with software.Here’s a guide to how you can find […]