The ‘Star Wars’ franchise is the most lucrative on the planet

The Disney-owned entertainment conglomerate is a global phenomenon.And, as the Disney-branded characters and brands spread worldwide, so does the company’s financial success.As a result, the company is one of the most financially successful in the world.The company has generated revenues of $8.8 billion in fiscal year 2018, which included the release of the new Star […]

Netflix to create its own news platform for ‘The Simpsons’ – Bloomberg

BY MARK BINNSTEIN / ReutersNetflix, the online video-streaming company that owns the show “The Simpsons,” is about to launch its own video-editing platform that would bring it closer to the digital content juggernaut Inc. The announcement comes amid a wave of consolidation by video-industry giants, as well as a slew of competitors in the […]

How to find information bias: What you need to know about the threat

India has issued a circular to all schools asking them to remove “misleading, discriminatory or offensive” material from classrooms and other spaces.The circular, issued on Tuesday, asks schools to keep records of the material and inform parents if there is any objectionable material.The government said it would monitor the response and take necessary action.The ministry […]

Hillary Clinton: ‘This election is about more than electing a president’

Clinton, a former U.S. senator and secretary of state, has made a habit of sharing information about her health and fitness, which has drawn ire from her rivals.Clinton’s team said she plans to release the results of a new MRI in a couple of weeks and will make her health official information.“We will be releasing […]

Why the FBI and the National Security Agency are collecting your metadata

Posted May 05, 2018 05:18:06 The FBI and NSA are collecting information about the whereabouts of billions of Americans every day.Now, they’re also doing it for financial gain. According to a new report by The Intercept, the FBI has begun to collect information about customers of financial institutions, including banks and credit unions, by sending a […]

How to make a good, low-cost internet connection

The Irish Telegraph, the country’s largest newspaper, has published a fascinating new story about how a small company has turned a simple internet connection into a thriving business.The company, called Irish-Solutions, has a focus on getting internet service to its rural communities.The company is working with community organisations to get their internet connections working in […]