How to hire a Data Scientist for a startup

In the digital age, where you can’t even imagine what your next project might be, hiring a Data Science professional can be a difficult task.That’s because they can’t be predicted by any one company.They need to be built into your team.So, what are the best Data Science companies to hire from?Read more…This article aims to […]

How to get the best Starbucks coffee online

It’s been a little over a year since Starbucks launched the first ever mobile app to help you make better coffee decisions.Now, the coffee giant has announced it’s working on a new app that’ll help you choose what to buy from the company’s range of cafes, and it’s going to be free to download.The new […]

How to handle your online friends

Informality is a virtue, but there is no substitute for respect.If you are a student or young adult, you should avoid the following social faux pas and the associated consequences: Avoiding the internet.You are likely to miss out on the best content and networking opportunities. Avoid networking events.You can find these online through various sites such as […]

What the world’s top prison system says about solitary confinement, solitary confinement reform

A prison system in Florida is considering the possibility of building a $1 billion prison model in the state.The model is an attempt to reduce the use of solitary confinement and the use and spread of HIV and other diseases inside the facility.Inmates are allowed to visit outside the prison and have the option to […]

When are you going to have a proper informal sanctions policy?

When are we going to see a formal policy?In my view, the answer is probably never.If there is ever to be any real sanctions against Iran, the only people that are going to be willing to do it are the Iranians themselves, and there are very few of them.And, as I see it, that’s going […]

How to use the Fox News Tourist Information Center to learn about tourism in Japan

Visitors can use the information center to learn more about Japanese tourist attractions, the information available on Japanese sites, and other information about the country.The information center is also a great way to learn Japanese language and culture.Fox News provides the following resources for visitors to learn:The information center has a wide range of information […]

What if a government agency could create a botnet of your email?

It would be a boon for companies and individuals trying to keep their data safe, but it also would potentially open up new avenues for government to spy on innocent people.For example, the botnet could be used to target individuals, and the government could use the information to target other people with the aim of […]