‘Trauma informed practice’: Why ‘Traumatic Memories’ are such a powerful tool for the treatment of PTSD

Trauma informed practices are increasingly becoming a cornerstone of treatment, as research and practice continues to uncover new and powerful ways to manage and manage the effects of trauma.But in a new study from the University of Texas at Austin, researchers found that trauma informed practices (TEPs) have the potential to help patients with PTSD, […]

Apple’s new $2,399 iPhone 5 is the best phone ever for the money

If you want a new iPhone with an edge, Apple has you covered.This year, the company’s latest flagship phone has been priced from $2.399 to $2 of the new $499 iPhone 5.That’s a hefty difference for the entry-level model, and it means that, with a little work, you can get a new phone for less […]

How to keep the best features of Android 5.0 Lollipop in the latest Marshmallow update

The most prominent feature to get a Marshmallow Lollipop update out the door is a revamped Android app drawer.The app drawer has been redesigned from the ground up, and it’s pretty cool.Here’s a closer look at what’s changed: Android 5 and 6 have a new “Apps” tab.You can access all your apps by clicking a […]

When will US government stop using ‘information on the web’ to prosecute hackers?

US government agencies have been using information from the internet to prosecute hacking suspects, but it appears to be losing the fight to crack the cybercriminals’ encryption keys.The US Justice Department has been using a computer network it purchased in 2016 to collect information on hundreds of thousands of Americans who were accused of stealing […]

How to Save a $10,000 Salary: A Step-By-Step Guide

The average salary for a drug agent is around $40,000 per year.However, this doesn’t include the salary for drug-related professionals, such as managers, directors, or other key employees, who typically earn a lower rate of pay.The average hourly wage for drug agents is $15.25.The top 10% of drug agents earn nearly $1 million per year, […]

How a digital health information exchange could protect Australians

More than 90 per cent of Australians agree that health information should be made available to the public, according to a new survey of Australians.AAP/ABC News 13 Australia’s electronic health records system is designed to help healthcare professionals make sense of the latest information, such as medical diagnoses, test results, symptoms, treatment and treatment options, […]

When do you stop drinking coffee? | The Times Of India

By Laila Alim Asmaas and G.S. Rangaraj By G. S. Rangsaraj / The TimesOfIndia StaffIn India, coffee is a national treasure.It’s a must-have for a healthy and active life, and it’s a symbol of the nation’s wealth and pride.It is also a great source of caffeine.The beverage is also cheap and delicious.And for a country […]

A new way to learn how to use Wikipedia

A new tool that looks at how much knowledge a Wikipedia reader has is coming out in the form of a new online survey.The new tool, called Wikipedia Knowledge, has been launched by the Wikimedia Foundation and aims to bring together Wikipedia contributors who have worked on Wikipedia since the site was founded in 1998.Wikipedia […]

India’s National Cyber Security Agency to launch a website to track cyberattacks

The National Cyber Defence Authority has launched a website which will track all cyber attacks on India’s critical infrastructure.The move is a response to a series of attacks which hit the Indian government, which was hit by a series, which targeted its power grid, railways, and power distribution networks.The NDA has now set up a […]

Which stocks to buy and sell in 2017?

Market force articleMarket force provides information on the stock market.The information is sourced from data provided by data provider FactSet.It includes data on all publicly traded companies, as well as their market capitalization, annual revenue, annual earnings, earnings per share, revenue per share and earnings per employee.Market force data provides information for the stock markets.For […]