‘The Last of Us’ sequel to star Joel Kinnaman in ‘The First of Us 2’ is coming to theaters on November 25th 2017

Joel Kinnan’s next project, “The First Of Us 2,” has been announced as the subject of a new animated feature by filmmaker Matthew Robbins.

“The Last Of Us” will be directed by John Lasseter, who will produce the project.

The movie, written by Robbins and co-produced by Robbins, is set to feature Joel Kinnans son Owen as a college freshman in Seattle, WA.

A sequel to the 2013 hit “The Walking Dead” was made and has since become a smash hit on the video game industry.

Robbins’ animated feature will feature scenes from the film, including scenes of Owen Kinnans college years, and also feature an original music score by Michael Giacchino and the band, The Last of the Chums.

“We have a story and it’s very special, and we’re so grateful to the studio for letting us tell it,” Robbins said in a statement.

Robbins previously made the film “Frozen Fever” for Disney.

He has directed animated features for Disney, DreamWorks Animation, Sony Pictures, and Lucasfilm.

Robbins will serve as executive producer of “The Final Cut,” a remake of the “The Original” “The Dark Knight Rises” film, which he made with Chris Nolan.