How to find your nearest Starbucks store, on Google Maps

If you’ve ever wanted to find a Starbucks in your local area, you’ve probably been forced to use a map app.

Now Google has added a map tool to the service, and you can now find your local Starbucks near you.

The feature comes in handy for the search results page, which is used by many users to find stores within the company’s service.

This feature is not available to all users of Google Maps, though, and some users may be unable to find their local Starbucks.

For example, if you’re searching for a Starbucks near your hometown, you may not find a result that looks like this.

If you click on a Starbucks location, the result will be different from the results you get when you do the search on Google.

However, if your search is for a specific Starbucks, you’ll see the Starbucks icon on your results page.

In a blog post published today, Google Maps VP of Product Management Jon Biederman outlined some of the ways Google Maps can help you find a nearby Starbucks.

For example, Google can tell you whether a store is open or closed based on the time and date, and it can tell whether or not it’s open during the week or weekend.

The Google Maps search results will also be customized to show you stores with similar product lines, like coffee or tea.

When you’re browsing the results, you can search for locations by location, type of coffee, and more.

You can also sort by distance and type of delivery.

You can also search for stores by the Starbucks brand name, and search for those Starbucks locations by store name.

The results show the store’s location, as well as the brand name of the store.

Google is offering the map feature for free to all Android users, but it’s also available on iOS.

The company is working on expanding the feature to other platforms, but Biedermere says that he hopes to make the service available to Google Maps users on other devices before long.