How to change the way you watch TV in Ireland

It’s no longer enough to have a television set and enjoy watching your favourite shows online.

You need to change that in order to watch your favourite programmes online, and the latest Irish TV channel is now offering this simple process to change your viewing experience. 

Dublin’s Oireachtas has confirmed the introduction of the OnlineTV channel, which allows users to access a variety of programmes including live sports, news and news programmes, news shows, documentaries and documentaries, in real time. 

The channel, available on demand, allows users a full range of content, with all the features you would expect. 

Online TV has been available since December 2016, and now it is the only Irish television channel that offers this service. 

It is an extension of the service introduced by TV3 in 2016, allowing Irish households to watch content on demand. 

Oireachtam spokesman Paddy Manning said: Online television has always been a priority for the Irish public and we want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to get the full range and breadth of content available on TV3. 

A lot of TV programmes are available on YouTube, but it is hard to get them in real-time on TV. 

“We want to offer a full selection of content and be as accessible as possible to the whole family. 

We will be adding new content on the New Year and the Centenary of TV3, which will be available on an ongoing basis.” 

The Onlinetv service is currently available for subscribers of the new TV3 digital TV channel, with the new channel coming to Irish television later this year. 

 Online tv has the potential to be a massive step forward for the Irish TV industry, and is a perfect example of the value added to the digital ecosystem. 

Irish public broadcaster TV4 has also announced that it is extending its offer to all digital TV subscribers, including Sky, BT, Virgin and O2. 

TV5 will soon be launching on the same service, which is also available to customers in Ireland and abroad. 

Ireland is already the third largest digital television market in Europe after the UK and France, and will be the next to follow after China and Korea. Read more