California lawmakers approve $1.8B water bond for drought-stricken regions

CALIFORNE — California lawmakers approved $1,871.5 million in state water bond Tuesday to help drought-struck regions cope with the drought, making it the fourth-largest amount ever given to a drought-related emergency fund.

The state’s Joint Finance Committee approved the measure to fund water and sewer improvements and the construction of reservoirs, wastewater treatment plants, flood protection and water storage infrastructure, among other programs.

The water bond, which will be used to finance a $9.2 billion state plan to repair infrastructure in drought-hit areas, also includes a tax on diesel fuel.

California’s drought is among the worst in the nation.

The U.S. Drought Monitor says the state is among 12 with more than 10 percent of its land area under water.

California is experiencing its driest summer on record and has had three consecutive years of less than 10 days of precipitation.

The drought has left millions without food, and it has also left many homes and businesses without running water.