What the world’s top prison system says about solitary confinement, solitary confinement reform

A prison system in Florida is considering the possibility of building a $1 billion prison model in the state.

The model is an attempt to reduce the use of solitary confinement and the use and spread of HIV and other diseases inside the facility.

Inmates are allowed to visit outside the prison and have the option to interact with their outside environment.

In the future, the model would allow for greater isolation for prisoners who are in isolation for medical conditions and other health issues.

The new model is part of a larger plan to overhaul Florida’s prison system, which has been plagued by violent recidivism and overcrowding.

A prison overhaul in Florida would see the prison population drop by more than 30 percent in the next 20 years, according to a report by the Sentencing Project.

The report says Florida has more than 6,500 prisoners, with 1,600 in solitary confinement.

The plan calls for creating new facilities for medical treatment, mental health services, drug rehabilitation, and vocational rehabilitation.

“The changes would reduce overcrowding, reduce the prison-to-prison spread of infectious diseases and other communicable diseases, and allow more prisoners to participate in the work force,” the Sentening report says.

The prison reform effort has garnered attention from several groups, including a group called Prison Reform Now.

The group released a video earlier this month showing a prison cell in Florida where a man named Brian is currently held.

The video showed him being locked in a cell with other inmates who are trying to help him get out.

Brian has been locked up in solitary for more than a year and is now facing the prospect of a lengthy prison sentence.

His lawyer said he was trying to get his life back on track after he suffered from mental illness and was released from prison.

“He’s doing really well,” attorney Jason Kottke told VICE News.

“It’s a good story.

He’s doing a good job with the medication and getting help.”

Another man who was imprisoned in Florida for nearly two years told VICE that he was locked up for three years before his release.

“I had a pretty bad time in prison,” the man said.

“When I got out I just got so out of it.

It was pretty hard.”