What do the USPS’s ‘insider’ and ‘social security’ notices say?

This story first appeared on MTV News.

The Federal Trade Commission is seeking information from the USPS about what information it collects about customers’ social security numbers, if any, and what it does with it, the agency’s complaint said.

The FTC says the USPS doesn’t collect or use this information.

It’s also asking the agency to stop collecting information about the Social Security numbers of people who don’t have them.

The complaint says the agency has “secret” systems for the collection of information about people who have not been given the Social Status Alert label, which is required by law for anyone receiving the label to receive a warning if they are not eligible for benefits.

The USPS says the labels have been in place since 1977, but the FTC says they were not required under law to be placed on packages that had been sent.