How a digital health information exchange could protect Australians

More than 90 per cent of Australians agree that health information should be made available to the public, according to a new survey of Australians.

AAP/ABC News 13 Australia’s electronic health records system is designed to help healthcare professionals make sense of the latest information, such as medical diagnoses, test results, symptoms, treatment and treatment options, and the effectiveness of treatments.

While the system is not perfect, it’s working, with a number of countries using electronic records to better manage their health care systems.

Health officials say that with digital records, clinicians can access more accurate data and can monitor and track patients across the country.

However, the government has argued that digital health records should only be used in cases where it is in the best interests of the health system.

Australia is one of the few countries that do not currently require health professionals to obtain health information from the government or to have it stored.

There are currently plans for Australia to introduce a mandatory digital health record for all health professionals, in 2019.

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