‘Not your typical ‘Google for India’ delivery’: Why is ‘Google India’ not your typical delivery option?

India’s search giant has just announced it is going to start using the “Google for Indian” delivery service.

But, in an effort to differentiate the service from its traditional delivery, Google India has set a number of new features for its new product.

India’s prime minister Narendra Modi announced the move to make Google India’s own delivery option earlier this week, saying it will allow it to improve the efficiency of its delivery and improve the delivery experience for Indian consumers.

The announcement comes in the wake of several cases of poor service in the country where Google India is headquartered.

In February, a group of Indians sued Google India over poor delivery services in the Indian market.

In June, Google shut down a delivery service that used the Google India app for more than 30 percent of its users, accusing the company of “gross negligence.”

In a press release, Google Indian said it has taken steps to improve delivery for India and that its service will not be a replacement for delivery options available in other countries.

“We are excited to provide Google India customers with the opportunity to use our delivery services and offer them the convenience of using the Google app for a fraction of the cost of traditional delivery services,” the company said.

“For those who want to try our delivery service, we are offering a free trial on our Google India service for one month.

This trial is not available to our existing customers, and will be available to new customers for a one-month trial.”

The company also announced that it is introducing an improved delivery experience by including a “Google India” section on its search results page, a feature that will be accessible on the home page of the app.

Google India will continue to offer Google Search, but it will now be called Google India Search and will also include a Google India search bar that can be accessed from the Google search bar on the Home page of a Google search.

Google’s India strategy is part of its efforts to bolster its business in India, a country that has been plagued by the country’s high number of crime, high unemployment, and high corruption rates.

Google is currently working on a new product that it hopes will help India better serve its users.