India’s National Cyber Security Agency to launch a website to track cyberattacks

The National Cyber Defence Authority has launched a website which will track all cyber attacks on India’s critical infrastructure.

The move is a response to a series of attacks which hit the Indian government, which was hit by a series, which targeted its power grid, railways, and power distribution networks.

The NDA has now set up a website, which is to be launched on Tuesday, that will include information on the attacks and what measures have been taken by the government to prevent further attacks.NDA chief Amit Shah said that the site will help in understanding cybercrime and cybercrime is a serious issue.

He said that if any country had cyber security and security agencies in place, then India would be a safe country and a strong nation.

The website will have a page on cybercrime, as well as information on cyberattacks, cyber defence and the response to cyberattacks.

It will also include information about the defence and police measures taken to protect national security.