How to control your data privacy on Twitter and Facebook

The world’s most popular social network is on the verge of introducing new rules for how it collects and uses user data.

The social network has introduced a new privacy policy that it says is “the most comprehensive ever.”

The new guidelines are the result of a two-year review of how the site collects and handles user data, according to a company blog post published Wednesday.

In addition to the new privacy guidelines, Twitter also published an updated privacy policy, which is based on a similar approach to its previous version.

Twitter users who want to change their information will need to go to a page on the site’s Privacy & Security dashboard that includes an option to “edit and sign up for updates,” the company said.

Users can also create a new account and send updates to the existing ones.

As part of the new policy, users are required to notify Twitter of any changes they wish to make to their personal information in the first seven days after they’ve set up an account.

Users are also required to sign up and receive notifications on their accounts, and they must opt out of certain kinds of information sharing, like ads.

The new privacy policies are just the latest steps in Twitter’s ongoing effort to make the platform safer for its users, particularly the LGBT community.

Earlier this year, Twitter removed some of its controversial features, like its controversial policy banning users from following celebrities or trending topics, and began making changes to the way it handles personal information.

“Today we’re rolling out a series of steps to help keep your personal information safe and secure,” the social network said in a statement at the time.

“For example, we are removing some of the controversial features that we removed from the platform in 2017 and we are making changes for the better.

We also will be taking steps to prevent abuse of our platform.”

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