Netflix to create its own news platform for ‘The Simpsons’ – Bloomberg

BY MARK BINNSTEIN / ReutersNetflix, the online video-streaming company that owns the show “The Simpsons,” is about to launch its own video-editing platform that would bring it closer to the digital content juggernaut Inc. The announcement comes amid a wave of consolidation by video-industry giants, as well as a slew of competitors in the online-video industry.

The company’s new site, called “The News,” will be launched next week, with news and entertainment sections.

It will be the latest attempt to compete with the likes of Netflix, Amazon.

And unlike its rivals, the site is expected to offer news content on a much more limited number of platforms, including tablets and phones.

The news site will be made available in both English and Spanish, with a number of news sources including The New York Times, Reuters and Bloomberg listed as potential sources.

The news content will be curated by Netflix’s editorial team.

The site will also be built with Google’s Android-based search engine, which was designed to compete directly with Amazon’s mobile-search engine, Google Search.

The News website will feature news summaries of news items posted on various platforms.

It’s expected that news items will include news from major newspapers and news sources, as in the news on ABC News, the Washington Post, and others.

In addition, there will be information on topics like sports, weather, food and more.

To be clear, The News will not replace the existing news services Netflix provides, which are available to stream on a variety of platforms including Apple Inc.’s iPhone and Google’s Chrome browser.

There is no immediate word on when the site will launch or on the pricing.