The Real Story Behind the Man Who Got Shot at His Own Home by Police in Iowa

A man was shot at his own home in Iowa, police said Sunday, a week after a man in Ohio was shot by police in a parking lot.

In the Ohio case, the victim was unarmed.

In Iowa, the shooting happened Saturday afternoon at a home in the 500 block of East North Avenue in Ames.

The homeowner, who identified himself as “Mr. P.,” told police that a black man wearing a white T-shirt had entered the home with a handgun and that he was shooting at him with the weapon.

The man was struck in the abdomen and died at the scene.

The woman, who was not injured, then drove the man to the hospital, police say.

Police have not released the name of the homeowner.

Police are investigating whether the shooting was accidental or a crime.

The Iowa City Police Department did not immediately return a call Sunday from The Associated Press seeking comment.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.