How to make your own fake-news conspiracy theories

I have always found the most fascinating aspects of life in the United States to be the people who are willing to do what it takes to survive.

I don’t care if you’re in a job, on a team, or at a bar, to keep trying.

If you can’t do it, it’s time to find something else.

I am so grateful to all the people on this planet who try.

I want to share some of the best articles that I’ve found that illustrate how you can make your very own fake news conspiracy theories and turn them into something more than just a story.1.

“The Daily Show” spoofs Trump-Pence speech in response to the election, which he says “was not about the economy.”


“Predicting the Future” spoofed the “Trump Train” and predicted “a massive landslide for Hillary Clinton.”


“Hannibal” spoofing Trump’s use of the term “alternative facts.”


“Trump vs. Bernie” spoof spoofing the election results, and showing that Bernie won by a mere 10 votes.


“Donald Trump, The Unpopular Donald” spoof with an election-themed “Trump train.”


“A History of War” spoof of the Iraq War.


“What to Expect When You Get Older” spoof featuring an elderly couple on the train.


“America First” spoof parody of the Trump administration.


“In Case You Missed It” spoof starring “America’s Next Top Model” winner and “Honey Boo Boo” star Alicia Keys.


“Duck Dynasty” spoof: Trump and his family move to Florida.