What’s in the Acnh statue?

By now you’ve probably heard that the Acne museum in London has put up a statue of an acne-free woman.

Now we know a little more about what this statue might mean.

A statue is a statue.

So is the Acniche Museum, which was founded by a group of artists who wanted to create a museum dedicated to understanding acne.

According to Acnich, the statue depicts a woman who was once an acne sufferer who suffered from an unhelpful attitude to acne.

“Her story, in the context of her experience, is a reflection of what we believe can be a healthy way of thinking about the causes and treatments of acne,” Acnichar said in a statement.

Acniche, which is named after a female-focused feminist collective, has already been criticized for not including women in the museum’s collection.

“We’re proud of the work that we did and we hope that this exhibition will provide an opportunity for the public to engage with and learn from this important and overlooked figure of our time,” Acnhar added.

The museum is also planning to release a video series about the statue and its creator.