How to tell if a hospital has ‘informed consent’ when it comes to an experimental treatment

VA Medical Center officials have admitted that they had not properly notified patients when a procedure called in-vitro fertilization was performed on them.

According to a new report from The Associated Press, VA Medical Centers in Virginia and Georgia did not inform patients when the procedure was performed.

The report, which was published Sunday, details how a patient was taken off of a ventilator and injected with the fertilized egg.

It also shows how an egg was implanted in another patient, who was not informed.

It’s the latest scandal involving VA health care facilities and their treatment of patients.

Earlier this month, a video surfaced showing an unidentified woman at a VA hospital undergoing an in-patient procedure.

That video prompted the resignation of the VA secretary.CBS News correspondent Mary Bruce said the report also includes an example of a woman being given the wrong dose of a drug to induce ovulation, despite a doctor telling her that it would have no effect.

She said that if a patient in this situation were to get the correct dose, it could cause the ovaries to become abnormal.

The AP report did not include an explanation of what happened, nor did it identify the woman who received the wrong treatment.

The VA, however, issued a statement Sunday saying it “recognizes that there are challenges to how our systems have evolved over the past several years.

These are ongoing and evolving issues.”

A VA spokeswoman told the AP that the agency is working with the AP to “ensure that we are making every effort to identify and resolve these issues.”

The VA did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CBS News.