How to find out how much military helicopter fuel is being spent on the military

By Michael T. Ruppert and Michael S. KranishPublished Apr. 21, 2019 12:01:00By Michael RuppERTThe U.S. military is spending $1.3 billion to purchase more than 100,000 gallons of military helicopter gasoline to help keep its air force fighting as the nation’s air forces are strained by a major shortage of spare parts and spare parts for its fleet of fighter jets.

U.S., Britain and Germany have been buying the fuel from Russia, but the United States, the U.K. and Germany are buying it from the Russian Federation, according to a statement issued by the Pentagon on Thursday.

The Pentagon said the fuel purchases are part of the Air Force’s efforts to meet fuel demand and to reduce costs.

The Air Force has been buying fuel from the Russia-owned Klimenta-Kazatompromexport, which is known for supplying parts to Russia’s air force, according the statement.

The fuel, which will be delivered to the Air Forces of the United Kingdom and the U/S Navy in the coming weeks, is a new type of aircraft-grade gasoline that is used in the military’s aircraft to prevent engine failures.

The U/s Navy’s aircraft will be using the fuel in its fleet until 2019, according a statement from the Navy.

In addition to fuel purchases, the Pentagon said it has agreed to provide an estimated $800 million to help pay for maintenance of the military aircraft that the Russian-owned company provides.