How to find the perfect wedding dress for you

In our quest to find a perfect wedding gown for you, we’ve collected a wealth of information about the wedding industry.

Here are some tips to help you get the perfect fit.


Choose a dress that’s easy to wear.

A dress that looks easy to take on and off is a surefire way to impress the bride and groom alike.

You want to look polished and professional, not too formal, and not too casual.

If you’re looking for a more formal wedding dress, we’d recommend getting the “classic” (think white) look, which we think is a good balance between classic and contemporary.

Some brides like to opt for a “modern” dress for the occasion.


Choose an appropriate color for your wedding.

While we love a simple floral-patterned gown, it’s also okay to go all out with a bright, vivid color.

If your bride likes to dress up in her own way, a bold, vivid red or orange is great.


Choose the right size.

Most brides are comfortable with a dress as small as a 32DD, so choosing a size that’s appropriate for you and your wedding is easy.


Choose your gowns color.

You can always find a color for a dress you like, and a color that looks natural on your brides neckline.

If that’s the case, you can always opt for something lighter, like a darker, shimmery color.


Pick your colors wisely.

Color is more than just your dress’s style, it can also be your wedding day dress’s appeal.

Make sure you choose a color with a unique look, like purple, blue, green, and even gold for a gorgeous color.


Get your wedding dress in a timely fashion.

A good wedding dress should arrive at your local department store, and often it’ll arrive in less than a week, according to Wedding

For that matter, there are some big wedding-day retailers that stock wedding dresses as well.


Use the right tools.

If it’s your first time looking for bridesmaid dresses, the best way to start is to look at our guide to bridal accessories.

This includes wedding-party favors, wedding-inspired accessories, wedding favors, and bridal scarves.


Make your wedding night memorable.

Your dress is only as good as your wedding ceremony, so make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to make your wedding a memorable one.

When your dress is finally on its way to the reception, use it to create an emotional moment that makes the bride smile and the groom feel special.


Be smart about how you style your dress.

You don’t want to end up with a wedding dress that isn’t perfect, so it’s best to have a few pieces that you can swap to make it look different.

For example, we think the perfect bride’s wedding dress is one that looks casual and relaxed, while the perfect groom’s wedding gown is one with a more fitted fit.


Get creative with your accessories.

You have a number of accessories to choose from, so try different styles, textures, and fabrics for your bridal party.

For your wedding reception, you might want to consider adding a veil or veil accessories, or perhaps a floral-print dress.

If there are no other options, try using a different kind of bridal gown, like the vintage-inspired or the modern-day wedding.