When did the NFL decide to start using Twitter?

The NFL has been using Twitter for quite some time, and the league was forced to change its Twitter presence when a number of teams, including the Oakland Raiders, began using the platform in 2018.

While Twitter’s main purpose is to let people share and engage in live conversations and information, the NFL is using the site for its social media.

It has been doing so since 2016, when it launched a brand new team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, that also uses Twitter.

As you may know, the Twitter account for the Jacksonville franchise has been suspended after tweets referencing a suicide.

It’s worth noting that the NFL does have its own Twitter account, which was launched back in 2017.

In that year, the team also launched a Twitter account and then suspended that account after one of its tweets referred to a suicide, which prompted the NFL to take the account offline.

Twitter, which is owned by Alphabet, has had a rocky relationship with the NFL in recent years.

While the NFL has always been a big supporter of Twitter, the company has had issues with some of its other social media platforms.

In 2017, the commissioner for the league’s executive committee wrote a letter to Twitter to demand that it change the way it handles content related to the game.

In that same year, it also announced a new policy that required all of its teams to report to the NFL Players Association within 45 days of signing an agreement with the league that includes an arbitration clause.

It was the first time that the league required teams to do so, and it was also the first in which it did so with an actual arbitration clause, a major change for Twitter.

The next year, Twitter introduced a new set of guidelines for the use of its service, including a requirement that the tweets must be positive.

The company also introduced a “tweet moderation tool” in 2018, which can help users moderate their posts.

It’s worth mentioning that this feature was made available in 2017 as well.

Twitter’s efforts to change the NFL’s social media presence have been a mixed bag for some.

While it has made some strides, Twitter has been forced to work with some teams to help them with their social media strategy.

In 2019, the league said it was working with the Oakland Jaguars, who are using Twitter to communicate with their fans.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been using their team’s Twitter account to communicate their plans to be on the field during the Jaguars home game against the Cleveland Browns on Sept. 14.

The team said in a statement that it has also been “working closely with the Jacksonville NFL Office to understand their position regarding the Twitter moderation process and how to best handle content related in any way to the @Jaguars account.”