Microsoft has the ps5, but does anyone need one?

Microsoft released a new version of the Xbox One S last month.

But while Microsoft is celebrating the change, the PS5 has a few caveats.

The PS5, which retails for $349, is not a replacement for the Xbox and Xbox One consoles.

But it’s a slightly upgraded version of a system that runs on a more powerful PlayStation 4 console, and it also offers a number of other new features that Microsoft hasn’t mentioned yet.

For example, PS5 games will come pre-loaded with the latest patch, which is available for download via the PlayStation Store.

And PS5 players can also download new content and patches.

But Microsoft says that’s not enough for the PS4 owners.

“We are excited to announce that all PS4 players will have access to the latest update for PS5,” Microsoft wrote on the PlayStation blog.

“As with Xbox One, there will be an array of features for PS4 that PS5 owners can enjoy.”

The PS5 will be released on March 31.